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The Purpose and Functions of this site:

  1. Aid the people who work with the Peggy Jo Studio to perform functions that the general public does not need
    • Enter events into the Gray and White Event Database from a desktop or laptop
    • Enter events into the Gray and White Event Database from a cell phone or tablet
    • Access the monthly calender in order to verify that an event has been entered.
    • Access the monthly calender to find a future date that would be advantageous to schedule and event. (Look for a good date)
    • Signup to the newsletter and/or change status of a subscriber
      • These functions are located here so that you can assist people who would like to sign up for the newsletter but are not well informed about the internet.
      • You can also help them to change their email address by signing in with their old address, making the changes and then explain to them that they will receive an email message at their old email address asking them to verify that the change should be changed.
  2. Utilize cell phones and/or tablets.
  3. Contact the publisher and/or webmaster

Monthly Calender Explained

Explanation of "PJ" Sites and Application


pjEvents is an android application that people can download from the Google play store: it runs on the users cell phone and is activated by clicking on the icon on the cell phone. it opens a browser, accesses the internet and then opens the web page at http://peggyjomobile.net.


peggyjomobile.net is a web page for the general public. You can access it by opening your browser and entering "peggyjomobile.net" in the URL text box. It can be accessed on the desktop as well. at the present time it provides access to: pjinfo.us is a web page designed for insiders not the general public. It provides some mobile and desktop links