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911 Angel

The brief change in America following the tragedy of 9/11/01 was profound. Suddenly, people were realizing the inappropriateness of the violence and sexuality in movies and on TV. Comedians who had previously made fun of people were now edifying them. The curbing of excessive celebration of entertainment as shown by the re-scheduling of the Emmy awards was refreshing. People were openly praying for our country and for one another. The American flag was being displayed everywhere.

I wanted to do a painting to commemorate all this. I knew I wanted to write on it the scripture that said: "For he shall give his angels charge over thee". So I created an angel dressed in red, white, and blue and holding the world. But I had momentarily forgotten exactly where the verse was located in the Bible. I looked it up and discovered it was part of one of my favorite psalms, not mentally registering its number at the time. I was very tempted to incorporate the verses surrounding it but somehow I limited myself to just the original scripture I had in mind.

people who know me, know that I’m the type of person who looks in the mirror and puts one more accessory on, while most people look in the mirror and take one thing off, so not elaborating with more verses was surprising----I got chills when I realized that the scripture I had been led not to add any verses to was Psalm 91.11. Truly this artwork must have been supernaturally inspired.

Peggy Jo

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